Qingdao Enhance International Ship Management Co., Ltd was founded on 27 August 2003 and located in China famous port city--QINGDAO, which was specialized engaged in the overseas assignment of seamen. The company always abides by its policy of ¡°serve seafarers as well as shipowners¡±, comply with the business philosophy of the sincere management and the standard operation, and through a not only honest and trustworthy but fast and efficient service achieve its goal of the satisfaction of seafarers and shipowners, so as to ensure the safety of the ship, seafarers, and protect the marine environment
The Company Qualification
The company has obtained the Qualification Certificate For Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Services issued by Maritime Safety Administration of People¡¯s Republic of China, SPRS Certification issued by Panama Maritime Authority, ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification by Lioyd¡¯s Register. Meanwhile the company is also the executive member of Shandong Seafarers Service Unit.
Business license
Shandong crew Services Association
Seafarer Qualification
British labor certification
Seafarers Resource
The company has recruited students in the professional navigation colleges every year since 2004, including Dalian Maritime University, Qingdao Ocean Shipping Mariners College, Shandong Jiaotong University, Guangdong Ocean University, etc. And its own seafarer¡¯s team has been built up by approach that the overseas assignment commenced at the stage of the trainees. Now the contracted seafarers have exceeded 300 which including several masters and chief engineer officers.
Business Area
Since the establishment of the company, we are always cooperating with the shipowners of Japan, Korean, Singapore, Hongkong and Taiwan very well, dispatching and recruiting seafarers for different type vessels including general cargo ship, container vessel, panamax vessel and ro-ro passengers. The total crew working on the board are more than 870.
The company is always training professional container vessels seafarers, and supply excellent seafarers who have rich container experience to the shipowners. This guaranteed the turnover accuracy of containers¡¯ liner ship.
The company supply crew manning for 6 panamax vessels. All the seafarers on board are trained strictly; they are familiar with the panamax vessel¡¯s business characters.
Ro-Ro Passenger:
The company is the company in North of China with the largest number of manning of ro-ro passenger liner ships. The company has abundant ro-ro passenger seafarers; the number of crew on board is over 200 which including crew, stewards, cookers and doctors.
Management Team
The company has created a professional management team which is rich in the experiences and the strong consciousness of service and well-versed in the work of ship management and overseas assignment of seamen; in particular, there are several masters and chief engineers who have extensive experiences in the field of ship working and overseas assignment of seamen. In line with the Provisions of the People¡¯s Republic of China on the Administration of Overseas Assignment of Seamen and other relevant international regulations, the company has established its own rules in respect of the overseas assignment of seamen.
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